Hologram Interview with „Stormless“ *ENG


Today I would like to introduce you to the Fantastic Stormless. I came across his Channel about Six Months ago. At that Time he was playing Alien Isolation. And he played it, at the highest Difficulty Level. His playing impressed me and I stayed on his Channel. His favourite Game, is Company of Heroes 2. His Steam Profile tells me, he’s been playing it for 3448 Hours. Company of Heroes 2 belongs naturally to the Games, that Stormless regularly plays on his Channel. Currently, he is also playing the Bioshock Series. Every Sunday, he makes a Subscriber Day, all Subscribers can play Games together with Stormless. It is so much fun to watch him. Recently, I became a Moderator in his Channel. It would be great if you would support him on Twitch as well.

Here you can find „Stormless“:

Twitch and Twitter

Interview with: Danny @“Stormless“, from United Kingdom

1. When did you start to stream and why?

I started streaming 2 years ago when Company of Heroes 2 was launched. I think I just wanted to see what it was all about. I’ve always thought it might be something I was good at so I thought I would try. My dream really was to maybe become a full time streamer and make content.

2.Why your Name – „Stormless“?
I used to go by the name of PhoenixStorm but so many people had a similar name. I was keen to have something with Storm in it but I just couldn’t find anything unique. Then I came up with Stormless. The first time I said it I just thought it sounded memorable. It makes no sense whatsoever… maybe that’s why it worked 🙂

3. The first Game you’ve ever played?

First game I ever played was C&C Tiberian sun. To this day it remains one of my favourite RTS experiences. I was young and I used to play it on my granddads windows 2000 PC.

4. The worst game you ever played?

Unfortunately this award goes to Dawn of War 2. After the first Dawn of War I was so hyped that the second would be a upscaled version of the first game. Whilst Dawn of War 2 is rated highly by some, the mechanics and small squad style play really is not something I enjoy at all.

5. Your best or coolest stream moment?

I think one of my best moments was streaming ESL to my personal channel. The tournament finals were cast from the ESL studios and I had spent most of the game criticising the placement of a mine which was quite frankly, in the last possible place you’d expect anyone to be. During the game one of the late game tanks got taken down from this mine and it ended up deciding the game victory for one of the players. I couldn’t help myself shouting into the mic but that was one of my favourite memories.

6. Imagine you’re make a Trip to a Desert Island. You need to select three Things. What three Things you take with you?

I would need a gamboy advance with a selection of games like Golden Sun. A pin-up girls calendar and a sword…. Just in case America decides to liberate the island.

7. The best Movie you’ve ever seen?

My favourite movie is Baseketball. It’s made by Matt Stone and Trey Parker who make South Park and it’s one of the funniest films I’ve seen. The comedy is very good and there’s a lot of things you may not spot first time.

8. Imagine you have a free Wish. What would you wish for?

I would wish to be able to see my Grandad again 😦 He passed away in 2013 and was one of the biggest influences in my life. I miss him a lot.

9. You have the chance to meet your biggest Idol. Who would it be? And why?

I think my biggest idol is Rasmus Faber, he’s an electronic and jazz artist from Sweden. He is a very cool and laid back person, aside from being an incredible player and composer he is really interactive with his fans and just an outstanding person. He is a good example which I follow for staying close to your community and always being nice to people. I’ve actually had the pleasure of remixing some music of his and speaking with him in the process which was an honor to say the least!

10. In this Movie or Game Universe  would I like to spend a day …

Bioshock universe 100%. I don’t think any game affected me psychologically more than Bioshock. My imagination took the game to an even better place than what was already provided and it still remains once of my favorite scenarios today. Art deco, 1950’s jazz and poster art… and that slow soft warm sound of drowning at the bottom of the ocean… If only!

Quick Answer Question:

Hulk or Superman?

Superman! – Style is paramount

Werewolves or Vampires?


Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars

Winter or Summer?


Book or Movie?

Movie… what’s a book?

I thank Stormless for the Interview. You are one of the best Streamer I know and it was a Honor for me to do that.

I should like to Thank all Readers and  I am pleased to present you next Sunday, the next Interview.

Greetings, your HoE

*  The Photograph was provided  by: Stormless. It can not be used without EXPLICIT Permission. All rights reserved.


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