Hologram Interview with „ArcadeBulls“ *ENG


Today I would like to introduce you: „Arcade Bulls“. He is a Streamer on Twitch and was recommended to me by „RetroCrumpet“. He gave me the Chance to do this Interview with Bulls. So Thank´s for that. He has currently more than 8100 Followers and he has some cool Games on his Channel.  So check him out and give him a Follow.

Here you can find „ArcadeBulls“:

Twitch and Twitter

1. When did you start to stream and why?

Two of my friends joked ~14 months ago about streaming and how could I try that. I thought they are serious. Oops, here we are.

2. Why your Name – „ArcadeBulls“?

Nickname is a Combination of Two Words – Arcade, since I like Retro Games and it’s a little nod to Oldschool gaming and Bulls since I like Bulls and Cows, mostly because I played as a Tauren in World of WarCraft. It’s a plural because at first we thought we gonna stream in a Group, with those two Guys mentioned above.

3. The first Game you’ve ever played?

It had to be something on Didaktik Gama (Czech Clone of ZX Spectrum System). But I don’t remember those, since I was 4-5 Years old. I remember old PC Games such as Doom, Alley Cat, Sokoban, Dune, Stunts and Games from early 90s.

4. Your best or coolest stream moment?

Hmmm that’s a tough Question. I have few. When I was streaming in english I remember a Day where I passed 50 Viewers on my own, without any Hosts. That was a feat for me. I also remember when I ended the Stream one Night and with few of my Mods and Friends we stayed on, we hung out on Discord until like 6AM, talked, joked, had fun… then I went to Work. It was brutal, but Fun nonetheless.

5. Imagine you’re make a Trip to a Desert Island. You need to select three Things. What three Things you take with you?

My Wife, my Kid and his favorite Toy.

6. You have the chance to meet your biggest Idol. Who would it be? And why?

I’ll embrace my inner Gaming Nerdness and say Lirik. I love his Personality, his Genuinity. He doesn’t care if he’s the best on Twitch, he just wants to have Fun, joke, entertain People. I like his mindset a lot. Too bad I hardly watch him because of my free time.

7. In this Movie or Game Universe  would I like to spend a day …

I would say World of WarCraft although it’s a brutal World. I met my Wife in there 10 Years ago. Would be a cool One-Day Trip, just hangin‘ around in Nagrand.

8. Imagine you have a free Wish. What would you wish for?

I wish for 36 hour days since I hardly have any Free time for my Kiddo because of work during Weekdays. I’m missing a lot of good Stuff. Parents‘ curse.

9. Your favourite Movie and Game.

World of WarCraft because of my Wife, Witcher III & Borderlands 2 right after it. Pulp Fiction for a movie.

Quick Answers:

Batman or Superman?


Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Wars … but I like Star Trek a lot!

Coffee or Tea?


Winter or Summer?


Vampires or Werewolvs?

Both Vampires and Werewolves.

And here are two Questions from RetroCrumpet:

1. When People come into your Chat you often „MOOOO“ at them? How did this start?

Moo thing started as a Thing of my Brand. I have a Bull Icon as a Logo, I implemented mooing Sound which People can trigger via Chat-Command and back in the Day we called themselves „Moo Crew“, thanks to AmericanPixel on Twitch btw. We call themselves „Stádo“ (The Herd in english) now since it goes better with People, but the mooing stuck although it’s an english Interjection. It’s kinda funny and quite unique.

2. What’s your favourite Retro Game you have played on Stream?

A few – Prehistoric 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Doom, Prince of Persia, Dune.

I thank „ArcadeBulls“ for the Interview. It was a Honor for me to do that.

I should like to Thank all Readers and  I am pleased to present you next Sunday, the next Interview.

Greetings, your HoE

*  The Photograph was provided  by: ArcadeBulls. It can not be used without EXPLICIT Permission. All rights reserved.


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